beth jochum          1311
photos by Gail Blacklock, Betsy Soares
In your words...............

" Beth's return to music satisfies a long awaited 'need'. Her quiet, but intensely passionate,
bluesy style stirs an inner rumbling that starts slow and low but overtakes the senses. Her
voice and lyrics carry a calm wisdom and emotional depth born of experience and intense
sincerity. A bonding occurs between the audience and the performer when Beth weaves
magic with her guitar and draws us 'in' with her warm alto voice. The rhythms carry us along
on a musical tether from which we'd rather not be detached. Rather, we're left longing for
Marietta R.

" Beth's music comes from a deep and nurturing well of mindful experience and grace.
There is a grounded calm emanating from her music and lyrics. Beth "shows up".           
Kymn W.

" Beth Jochum's songs are like paintings, her lyrics provide the details while the melody
and intonation provide the color scheme. Some of these sound-paintings are of physical
landscapes, others depict the landscape of human relationships or the landscape of
Mario N.

" What I love most about Beth's music is her beautiful, mellow voice accompanied by solid,
consistent guitar playing . I love her references to nature and gentle references to
Margot M.

I think Beth's 1311 cd holds up to her very best work. Lyrically it is the closest to poetry
that music can be and her playing is phenomenal. Like the best art, it still gives me
goosebumps every time I play it. Beth's a rebel rocker. Bluesologist, wordsmithereen, and
mother folker...One funky lady."                       
Glenn J.
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"JOY ".....
is the title of this painting by   
Betsy Soares....
and JOY is the state of mind for
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